Wellhead Energy Systems
Wellhead Energy Systems

GridFox™ clean energy technology now powering homes, businesses
in southeastern Kentucky

Wellhead Energy Systems LLC and Jackson Energy celebrate
partnership with open house on June 8, 9 and 10, 2011


McKEE, Ky. (May 18, 2011) — Breakthrough clean energy technology now in place in southeastern Kentucky will be celebrated at an open house in June, as Jackson Energy and Wellhead Energy Systems LLC announce a partnership to provide alternative energy resources to rural communities.

Public tours showcasing GridFox™ Smart Energy Conversion technology will be given every 30 minutes between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. June 8, 9 and 10 at the GridFox™ station located along Ky. 89 in McKee. Private tours may also be scheduled by calling (606) 802-2880. 

GridFox on site.This smart energy conversion process involves placing modular conversion stations at stranded natural gas wells and pipeline gas locations. These units clean and compress raw gas inputs to provide electricity, a process that until now has been impractical at local levels.

The first GridFox™ station became operational in May 2011 and powers an estimated 300 homes and businesses in the cooperative’s service area. Jackson Energy, a Touchstone Energy Cooperative serving Estill, Jackson, Rockcastle, Laurel, Clay, Owsley and Lee counties, is the first cooperative in Kentucky committed to providing 350 kilowatts of power from an alternative energy resource.

“Our mission as an electric cooperative has always been to provide reliable electricity at the lowest possible cost,” said Jackson Energy President & CEO Don Schaefer. “The GridFox™ project is an innovative way to continue that mission.”

“Distributed generation is an exciting technology that puts Jackson Energy in the forefront of companies offering alternatives to traditional power generation,” said Jackson Energy Chief Operations Officer Carol Wright.

Schaefer said the cooperative is always looking for new ways to provide electricity to southeastern Kentucky.

“Our partnership with Wellhead Energy blends new technology with existing resources to produce an economical solution for power generation,” he said.

Wellhead Energy President and CEO David Weddle said Jackson Energy, along with East Kentucky Power, has been a strong supporter of Wellhead as it implements its first system.

“This collaboration with local utilities will be key to our success as we work to get more and more stranded energy assets online,” he said.

More than 40 percent of the tapped natural gas resources in the United States are stuck in “stranded” wells unable to be connected to the national gas pipeline network. Wellhead Energy Systems created GridFox™ technology to offer utility companies, municipalities and industrial users clean, reliable electricity converted from these otherwise unusable wells, while providing a long-term, consistent income stream for their owners.

When a GridFox™ system is installed at a stranded well, natural gas is turned back on. Wellhead Energy Systems’ breakthrough process cleans and compresses the gas, which powers a combustion engine and drives a generator to provide electricity.

In addition to supplying power to utility company grids, the electricity produced by a GridFox™ station can also provide potentially life-saving backup power during severe winter storms, while being a source of complementary power during other, less severe emergencies. GridFox™ stations can provide complete on-site power for medium to large manufacturing companies as well as energy independence in rural communities.

For more information about GridFox™ technology, contact Wellhead Energy Systems President and CEO David Weddle at (606) 802-2880 or visit www.wellheadenergy.com. For information about Jackson Energy, call 1-800-262-7480 or visit www.jacksonenergy.com.

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For high-resolution images of GridFox™ stations, a brochure with information about GridFox™ technology and a diagram detailing GridFox™ Smart Energy Conversion, visit www.wellheadenergy.com/press.html.

About Wellhead Energy Systems LLC
Wellhead Energy Systems LLC, located in Somerset, Ky., was formed in 2010 to become a leader in clean, distributed energy. In its first year, the company received a $500,000 investment from the Kentucky New Energy Ventures Fund to develop GridFox™ Smart Energy Conversion technology. Also that year, Wellhead received a $1.5 million investment from Enerfab, one of the nation’s leading energy services companies, to begin manufacturing GridFox™ stations.

About Jackson Energy
Jackson Energy was incorporated as Jackson County Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation on July 28, 1938, and has been providing the technology and infrastructure to southeastern Kentucky for 70 years. From 380 members in 1939, Jackson Energy has grown with the region it serves. By 1971, there were 21,042 members served by 3,594 miles of electric line. That total doubled in again by 1996 to 43,500 members and 5,081 miles of line. To reflect the growth and development of the co-op and the region, the name of the company was changed to Jackson Energy Cooperative in June 1997. In March 1998, Jackson Energy was among the first cooperatives in the country to become a Touchstone Energy Partner, a national branding program promoting local electric cooperatives. Today, the cooperative serves more than 51,000 members.

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