Wellhead Energy Systems
Wellhead Energy Systems

Rural Kentucky Firm Announces $1.5 Million New Energy Investment

SOMERSET, Kentucky — February 4, 2010 — Wellhead Energy Systems, LLC today announced it has received a $1.5 million investment from one of the nation’s leading energy services companies to begin manufacturing an advanced technology system in Somerset converting existing, stranded natural gas reserves into electricity to be distributed directly to industry or the regional power grid.

“We are excited that Enerfab has formed this strategic alliance. Their investment makes it possible to move forward with production of our self-contained energy conversion stations,” said David Weddle, Wellhead Energy’s CEO. “Our innovative technology offers utilities, municipalities and medium to large scale manufacturing facilities the ability to use clean distributed energy while creating a market for the stranded assets of natural gas producers. This is especially important where secure, reliable power and resource utilization are critical to the success of all parties involved.”

Enerfab Inc. is a leading provider of maintenance services, capital equipment components and technology solutions for the energy industry and other industrial markets. Enerfab Inc. was recognized in 2008 as the fastest growing privately held company in Cincinnati, by Cincy Business Magazine. Enerfab employs approximately 4,000 people and operates 8 regional facilities throughout the U.S.

Wendell Bell, Enerfab Vice Chairman and CEO stated “We see this as an exciting strategic partnership combining our expertise in manufacturing, construction and many years in the energy market with the technology and knowhow of Wellhead Energy Systems.”
“As it exists, the carbon footprint of natural gas is 50% less than coal and it is our goal that by the end of 2011 our energy conversion stations will be a carbon neutral power source,” said Weddle.

Natural gas has been proven to be one of the nation’s best and cleanest resources for energy generation. Natural gas is available in abundant supply and is constrained only by the ability to get it into the market. Based on current market conditions and the devalued price, natural gas has become the “fuel of choice” when looking into new forms of energy generation. There are “proved” reserves across the U.S. where energy may be created, yet this energy is available only where adequate pipeline “highways” can transport it into the current energy market.

Much of the nation’s natural gas resources are located away from these existing pipelines, and the random location of existing, capped wells make them financially impractical to extend the traditional pipeline infrastructure. Thousands of these “stranded” wells lie dormant, but can be made available for clean energy generation.

Wellhead Energy Systems will employ these stranded natural resources to create distributed energy to be used where it exists or sent to the grid in the form of electricity as a “cogenerator” for local utilities. By establishing a network of its energy conversion stations, Wellhead will be able to deliver energy at a cost comparable to these utilities. In turn, local utilities will be able to rely on this self-supporting “downstream generation™” as energy backup, security and additional capacity necessary to support the U.S.’s growing demand for energy independence.

According to Weddle, “Our technology has already gained acceptance with a regional power supplier and we are looking forward to working with all utilities nationally and providing them with electricity generated from our distributed energy stations (250 kWh - 2 MW) to meet their growing demand for clean, reliable and sustainable sources of power where it is needed.”
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