Wellhead Energy Systems
Wellhead Energy Systems

Oil and Gas Producers

Many oil and natural gas fields in the United States are located away from existing pipelines, rendering some of those assets as useless and an environmental concern. Wellhead’s Downstream Generation™ Systems provide a long-term, consistent income stream for the owners and producers of these stranded resources.

Utility Companies

By creating Downstream Generation™ Wellhead Energy will be able to produce clean energy and deliver that energy at a cost comparable to regional utility generation costs. Placed in strategic networks near existing stranded resources, DGS will help local utilities provide the energy backup, voltage support, security and additional capacities needed to support the growing energy demands of the United States.

Private Industry

For medium to large manufacturing companies looking to control utility costs, Downstream Generation™ Systems can be designed to provide a majority of the electricity, heat, steam and air conditioning needed with a specialized combined heat and power (CHP) system designed and implemented by Wellhead Energy.


Rural communities are in great need of consistent clean power to support their growth. Downstream Generation™ Systems can be supported by both local and national governments with programs already in place to develop efficiency and energy independence in rural areas.