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Wellhead Energy Systems LLC introduces GridFox™ Smart Energy Conversion. Each GridFox station can be configured to provide distributed electrical energy generation from 500kWh to 2 MW per unit. A network using these modular systems can be established where stranded natural gas resources exist.

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Energy Conversion Stations

Our modular systems take raw gas inputs, clean and compress those inputs and then provide electricity. GridFox™ Smart Energy Conversion stations use breakthrough technologies to create a long-lasting and reliable application for our customers. By using GridFox, our customers will find new uses and profits for the resources they provide

GridFox™ Brochure pdf.

Breakthrough Technology

1. Natural gas is turned back on at a stranded natural gas well.

2. Wellhead Energy System’s breakthrough process cleans and compresses the gas.

3. Clean natural gas powers combustion engine.

4. Engine drives generator.

5. Generated electricity...
...flows to the power grid for sale to utilities
...provides backup or primary power for municipalities
...or powers manufacturing on-site.

Stranded Natural Gas

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