Wellhead Energy Systems
Wellhead Energy Systems
Wellhead Flare to Energy System

Turnkey Flare to Energy

Wellhead's FTE technology is a combination of three proven technologies integrated to effectively manage the flare gas stream being generated from oil wells. Our proprietary, proven systems turn the wasteful practice of burning the gas off into a profitable and sustainable solution. Wellhead Energy's FTE System can effectively "put the flare out."

Wellhead Flare to Energy System

Wellhead Offers 3 Solutions

1. Let Wellhead manage all aspects of your flare management problems (finance, operations and maintenance) with their turnkey FTE Systems.

2. Puchase our FTE System with Wellhead performing site prep and installation.

3. Purchase individual components of our system that suit your particular site needs.

Gas Stripping System

Wellhead Energy System’s breakthrough process cleans and compresses direct from the ground gas. Our portable dual process system can strip 500 to 2,000 MCF per day. We can manage Ethane percentages to maximize NGL value.


Downstream Generation

Our modular systems take raw gas inputs, clean and compress those inputs and then provide electricity. Wellhead Downstream Generation Systems use breakthrough technologies to create a long-lasting and reliable application for our customers. By using Smart Energy Conversion, our customers will find new uses and profits for the resources they provide.

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Mobile CNG

Our system produces CNG in standardized shipping containers for easy transport and unloading. Each carries 1,200 gallons and meets all intermodal specs for road, rail and water.