Wellhead Energy Systems
Wellhead Energy Systems

Downstream Generation™

By placing Wellhead Downstream Generation™ Systems (DGS) in concert with current utility infrastructure, Wellhead Energy is able to provide those utilities with the security and reliability to “push and pull” power to where it is needed. This enables our utility partners to provide a sense of security for their customers without the need for large infrastructure changes. Downstream Generation™ can provide savings for the utility and security for their customers. DGS can also be configured to provide emergency power duo to inclement weather or other power issues.

Breakthrough Technology

1. Natural gas is turned back on at a stranded natural gas well.

2. Wellhead’s Smart Energy Conversion breakthrough process cleans and compresses the gas.

3. Clean natural gas powers combustion engine.

4. Engine drives generator.

5. Generated electricity...
...flows to the power grid for sale to utilities
...provides backup or primary power for municipalities
...or powers manufacturing on-site.

Backup and Redundancy

Keeping the lights on and the heat going in the dead of winter is vitally important to power customers. By implementing an energy conversion system there will always be a “backup source” for power. Using these systems throughout a utility will provide the backup and redundancy needed to support customers under the most dire situations. Complementary power will be available to compensate for downed power lines during inclement weather or other emergencies.

Stranded Natural Gas

There are thousands of stranded natural gas wells across the United States. Wellhead Energy offers utility companies, municipalities, and industrial users clean, reliable electricity converted from these stranded sources of natural gas, while providing a long-term, consistent income stream for the owners of these stranded resources.